Lattice Testing and Training Rung + Rhino Skin


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The ultimate climber’s training and testing pack!

Using the Lattice Testing Rung, you’ll be able to test your finger strength, benchmark yourself against hundreds of other climbers around the world and receive a free mini-report each time you test!

What’s even better than that, is that we’re packing this up with our exclusive skin care package from Rhino Skin. First developed at Smith Rock, Oregon, Rhino is created to be an essential care product to help combat the brutal effects of sharp crimps and rough rock. All of us use this at Lattice and we think it’s the best skin care and drying agent on the market. By a long way…

Included in your Rhino pack is:

Dry – Easy to use, lasts up to three days with 1 application. Use up to 2 times per week. Alcohol based, spray-on, non-aluminum antiperspirant.

Performance – Apply Performance the night before climbing.  Antiperspirant lasts up to three days with one use.  Designed to maintain dry durable hands

Repair – Non-greasy skin conditioner designed to heal dry, swollen  and abused hands and feet.

Now you’re going to be perfectly equipped to test yourself, repair and prepare your skin and then train on our fingerboard afterwards to get stronger! All testing rungs come with test protocols and training suggestion PDF.

End caps are available for the rung as an optional extra.

Note: Non-EU customers may be liable for customs/import duties.

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